When Will My Nightmares Stop?

I'll tell you when. They'll stop when they take vaginal cream commercials off the air. They are absolutely the most disgusting commercials on T.V. "That itch you can't scratch," "feminine odor," and who can forget, "vaginal discharge" or words no man should have to ever hear, ever. I think hearing a Vagisil commercial mid hookup would kill my mood almost as fast as her calling me by another mans name. (which has thankfully never happened, but Alex is a pretty common name so who knows) At the end of every Viagra commercial they actually tweaked it a bit and now say "If you have an erection lasting more than four hours, call your doctor or watch a Vagisil commercial" And really, do women really need commercials to point them to what cream they need when, for lack of better words, things are not going well down there? I think "Vagisil" is pretty obvious. The only women who aren't aware of Vagisl that I can think of are NASCAR fan wives, and I'm sure their husbands don't notice it because their own B.O., and the stench of leftover spaghettios in their kitchen covers it up.

What about men? Where's the Penisil? Or how about Testiclean? Soap works in the shower to get rid of the odor but doesn't offer protection after sports or other activities, and as me and a couple of my friends found out a couple years ago, AXE on the balls does nothing but cause short term pain. Us men need a product that protects us from that mood killing odor, and that itch we're not supposed to scratch but we do anyway. I would try an antiperspirant deodorant, but after the AXE incident you can understand why I would be hesitant. But anyway, Johnson and Johnson or Old Spice or whoever need to get on that.


  1. Hmmm like the post and I now going to use "That itch you can't scratch," "feminine odor," and "vaginal discharge" to get rid of weird men hitting on me. Gold dust - thanks!

    Kate x

  2. lol! so funny... they really hsould come up with products for guys...but i would dar use a normal brand deoderant down there...they have to test it on people before they put it out to sell:d

  3. classic! lmao! i love fact that you actually sprayed your balls with the axe! reminds me of my brothers! i love the testiclean! i almost spit out my coffee laughing at that!

  4. i appreciate the remarks everyone