Hits and Hiphop stations: PLAY SOMETHING ELSE

In Portland Oregon we have an incredibly unique radio station called 107.5. I'm sure there is no other station in the world quite like it. What they do is take the 5 most popular rap/r &b songs and play them in rotation, followed by twenty minutes of commercials, a few words from a DJ who doesn't actually pick which music to play, and then the same 5 songs again. Currently the four songs are Pitbull: Hotel room, Pitbull: I know you want me (half of the songs lyrics are in the title) Black Eyed Pees: I gotta feeling and, Fabolous: Throw it in the Bag(finally, a song about placing my miscellaneous items like my cell phone and wallet into a bag), and Drake: You the best. Even though the main purpose of creating these songs is to make money off of young impressionable teenagers by spoon feeding them "music" that some guy in a suit decided was marketable to teens and young adults, I still find some of them quite entertaining. But I can only hear the phrase "HO-TEL MO-TELL HOLIDAY INN" So many times in one hour. But I'd rather listen to their music for 20 hours strait than listen to their morning show for 10 minutes.

The show mainly consists of a young sounding guy who doesn't sound like he should be on the radio, one of those liberal women who thinks that way because everyone else does, and a guy who sounds like a younger, more coked out version of Lewis Black known only as "PK" who interrupts both of them every time they talk. He is a fast talking, loud mouthed, opinionated moron. Being opinionated is usually a good thing if you're a radio host, but its usually assumed you'll be able to back up your opinions. PK is the type of person who becomes visibly frustrated and offended when people disagree with him on even the most trivial matters. "What do you mean you don't like marinara sauce on spaghetti?! EVERYONE likes marinara sauce! Fuck this, I'm out of here." When PK shares one of his misguided opinions on his lame morning radio show, he presents them as absolute fact. And its not like his co hosts bring anything to the table either. The only analogy for this show I can think of is to picture three retarded people arguing over what happened at the end of the Lion King. But then again, this is a radio channel who's job is to spoon feed "music" to a target demographic that will invariably like whatever they play.

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  1. Love the blog and I'm only on the second post...keep up the moderately amusing work...some people out there really enjoy it...