The Oregon Justice Department Sux Dix

So i'm watching the news the other day, and apparently the state of oregon accidentally released a man from jail who was set to serve a 12 year sentence. For what crime, you ask? HIS ROLE IN A COCKFIGHTING RING. Thats right, America. When your involved in a dogfighting ring where the animals actually matter to society, you only get two years in jail and get to return to your elustrious NFL career with the Eagles. BUT WHEN YOU FORCE CHICKENS TO FIGHT, an animal with know measurable degree of intelligence, an animal whom we were going to make buffalo wings out of anyway, you get 12 years of your life in a FEDERAL PRISON.

This whole country can suck my cock fighting ring, and purify itself in the waters of Lake Minatonka.


  1. he sold meth at the cock fighting rings though

  2. fuckin local news leaving out important details like that