Correcting political correctness.

I am fed up with the fact that we live in a country where we constantly change the names of things in order to seem more sensitive. and when a politician or heaven forbid an everyday citizen commit the unforgiveable sin of using ignorant language they are publicly crucified. here is a list of all the politicaly correct terms that I resent with a passion so fiery it could melt steel.
  • PC term: African American: Correct term: Black -Not all people with dark skin are African. Nor are they American. Not a lot of people know about this, but there are actually people with dark skin who come to America from places like Jamaica, Brazil, Haiti, Peurto Rico, etc.
  • PC term: Economic Refugee: Correct term: -Illegal Alien. Although the a lot of the people who come here from central America are hard workers, we cannot forget that they are all here unlawfully, and therefor 100% of them are criminals. How about we just come to a compromise and call them economic-alien-refugee-criminals? or EARCs for short.
  • PC term: Overseas Contingency Operation: Correct Term: The War on Terror and the Iraq conflict. -For someone who promised to end the war, (Obama) it seems strange that he would try to sugar coat the whole thing by giving it such an inaccurate new title. Its almost like he wants us to forget about it so they can stay there..
Get it together America, or someones going to get it together for you.

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