NASCAR Vs. Formula 1: An Unbiased Comparison

There are not enough words in the English language to adequately portray my utter hate for NASCAR. There is nothing worth watching about the "sport". And yet every year millions of McCain voters tune in and flock to NASCAR events, so they can see like, what, 80? cars lined up two by two driving around in a very fixed oval pattern 500 times. The cars weren't originally designed for racing. They're passenger sedans with faster engines, better tires, and doors that don't open up.

Not a lot of people know this, but NASCAR actually originated after the prohibition era when bootleggers who had to drive their regular cars at break neck speeds in order to evade the police decided they to start challenging each other to races on fixed courses. We may have our right to drink alcohol back, but there is nothing America can do now to reverse the naSCAR they've left on the face of this country

Now, time for an unbiased comparison of the American NASCAR and Formula 1, which is popular everywhere else in the world.
  • Formula 1 drivers go at extreme speeds, sometimes upwards of 200mph around left AND right turns.
  • NASCAR drivers go the same speed, around 150 mph, the whole time, in a circle.
  • Formula 1 cars are specifically engineered for racing. Their technology is constantly evolving.
  • NASCAR cars are based on 4 door sedans. They haven't really changed much.
  • Formula 1 has a world wide fan base.
  • NASCAR has a fan base consisting of Americans with wheels on their homes.
But don't take my word for it. Just watch this educational video

There really is no comparison. I'm not even an F1 fan, I just don't know why America doesn't get it together and abolish NASCAR and replace it with real racing. What's even worse is how NASCAR fans think that F1 fans are all snobs. No, they're not snobs. They just don't fly the confederate flag from their 85 bronco and wear Busch light t-shirts.


  1. You know what, this IS the best blog I've read in the past 20 minutes :D

  2. Haha, just got your link on my "Help" post.
    Interesting point of view. I'm not that into NASCAR myself, but I do think it is a sport.
    Keep bloggin man, pretty funny.