Seta Kavianian

I will begin by saying that Seta is one of the greatest people in the entire world and one of few people whom I hold in high regard. She is objectively superior to her peers in the following ways. Her beauty radiates like the warm glow of the afternoon sun in midsummer and her pearl white teeth glisten like fresh snow when she smiles as my ever faster beating heart melts like a plastic tupperware lid in the microwave. It is my contention that without more people like Seta this world will quickly fall into a state of moral decay and general disarray.

Seta's razor sharp wit and no-holds-barred attitude is exactly what I look for in a person and it is in no way correct to describe her personality with words such as "fake" like so many anonymous formspring users mistakenly use. In conclusion, Seta is a shining example of humanity, a rare desert flower of beauty, (desert because she's Iranian), and is generally someone who is actually not wasting my oxygen and food supply by being alive.

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