Terminator Salvation Vs. Night at the Museum 2

In case you haven't noticed yet, the highly anticipated Terminator: Salvation was somehow not number 1 in the box office this weekend. You're probably asking yourself, "what movie could have possibly been better than Christian Bale fighting a bunch of super cool robots?" The answer: Ben Stiller in Night at the Museum 2. Here's a brief run down on why Terminator Salvation is better than Night at the Museum 2
  • It doesn't have Ben Stiller in it
  • It doesn't have Owen Wilson in it
  • And it isn't about some museum where the exhibits come to life.
Have you heard about the staggering death toll Swine Flu has unleashed on America? (11) Well I think its God's way of punishing us for watching bad movies like Museum.
Some people hypothesize that one day machines will have the intelligence to exist and think autonomously (that means they can do whatever they want, retard) and take over the world in a storm of death and chaos. And I think that if that does happen the machines will spare those who saw Salvation and will turn Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson fans into their pets.

Jig Tough

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