So Much for my Goal to lose 200 Lbs by June

I AM SO FUCKING GLAD we live in a country where the government tells us what we can and can't put into our bodies. Why the hell would I want to think and make decisions for myself anyway, when I can just elect people like George Bush and Barack Obama to do it for me?
The dietary supplement has come under attack again by the F.D.A., aka the F.ucking D.umb A.sses. Apparently, because maybe 2 people died while taking the popular fat burn supplement Hydroxycut Harcore they decided to ban its manufacture and sale. Here's a fact that I guess the FDA doesn't understand. When 107 people in the world die every minute (more than all of the rambos combined) statistically 2 of those people are going to be using Hydroxycut within a period of a few years.
Keep in mind this is the same FDA that has released frequent reports on the obesity epidemic. So if we can't take pills that rapidly burn calories at dangerous rates and give us gratuitous amounts of energy, how in God's name are we supposed to stay in shape? Diet and exercise? In the words of Alexander the Great, "Fuck that shit"
9 million people have taken Hydroxycut. So far, two of them have died. Its a good thing we no longer have to worry about that dangerous drug that kills .000000022% of people who take it. And yes that was a valid calculation
Thankfully, because or country's willfully vague supplement laws, all they have to do is make a product thats only chemically different by a few micrograms of some inactive ingredient, and give it a different name. Probably something like "NITROXOLOSS XTREME!"

Nitroxoloss Xtreme is a copyright of Alex Waterman enterprise and copying of said name is in violation of U.S. and Canada Laws, the constitution, and the Geneva Conventions.

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