I Hate Old People in Community College

At Portland Community College, a place I made the mistake of letting myself end up in after high school, there is no shortage of 47+ year old people who feel the need to focus on getting an education that benefits them in no practical way. The time to go to college is from 18-25 years old. And if you're going to come back and try again, at least have the courtesy to keep your wrinkly mouth shut. This one bitch in my math class looks like she works as a secretary at an elementary school, and insists on making "math jokes" that you couldn't pay someone to laugh at. And in my psychology class, any time our teacher makes a lame joke that she doesn't intend to be that funny, sure enough mrs. i'm-an-old-lady-who-goes-to-pcc-and-then-goes-and-plays-B.I.N.G.O. busts out this cackle that makes her sound like the wicked witch on her hunt for Dorothy. I can't imagine how it would feel being a student who is older than my teacher. It'd be like a twelve your old teaching me how to play guitar. FUCK THAT.

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