You're All Pirates. Each and Everyone of You

The very moral fabric of this country is becoming more and more frayed every time one of you heathens downloads a song off of lime wire, an entire album through bit torrenting, or when you listen to a song on the radio and change the station when the commercials come on.
What many of you seem to have forgotten is the only reason anyone makes music is so that they can make money. Without illegal downloading the visionary musician "soulja boy" would be worth over 20 million dollars. Thanks to all of you fools who were unwilling to pay the 99 cent fee on iTunes, he is now worth a mere 9million. This means it is hard for him to;
  • own and maintain a private boeing 747
  • bribe congress and the house of representatives
  • become a dictator of a small African country and siphon off half of their GDP
What purpose is there to create art if there is no promise of disproportionate amounts of wealth? Art is not something you do on your spare time as a means of expressing yourself. It is strictly for making people give you money, and (america is doing this quite well) promoting an overmaterialistic, egocentric society. I propose that every person be required to pay a monthly fee for things like the radio, myspace music, and free music websites like playlist.com It is shameful that there are artists right now who's music is being listened to absolutely free of charge. "Free" sounds a lot to me like socialism. You're not a socialist, are you?

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