The Only Reasn I would Ever Own a Hybrid

The only benefit to owning a hybrid is the money you save on gas

There is no other benefit. None whatsoever. "But hey man, c'mon, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions!" Really? I'm sorry, but don't they STILL use gasoline, there for polluting the atmosphere? "Yeah... but.. its like way less!" Ok so if I punch you in the face twice, that's way better than punching you in the face five times! "there you go, now you're getting it!".
Also when you take into account the fact that only about three percent of every car on the road is a hybrid, you get a CO2 reduction of almost nil.
I love the sense of pride people get when they think they've done something for the environment, when they really haven't done anything. Yes, I agree that in some areas the environment is so polluted by humans that it can greatly reduce the quality of life. I am not pro-pollution. I am however, against snobby pricks who drive around in their prius with their nose so high they could do a line of coke off of their sun visor.
And the whole global warming fear campaign is just a valiant effort to get Americans to be okay with paying European-like high taxes. If you really believe humans are the only reason behind Earth's slight increase in temperature over a few years, consider the following.
  • CO2 does not influence temperature. It is in fact, the other way around. On Al Gore's famous "Hockey Stick Graph", a closer look reveals that changes in temperature occur before changes in CO2 levels, rather than after.
  • The Earth is overdue for an ice age. Before an ice age, the Earth heats up. Similar to what is happening now.
  • The Earth's atmosphere is comprised of .025% CO2. Of that .025%, humans are responsible for 5%. Taking humans out of the equation, the Earth's atmosphere would consist of .02375% CO2. Which I guess to Al Gore is an astronomical difference.
  • In the 1980s, the big concern at the time was global cooling.
  • The Toyota Prius is almost as ugly as the Scion XB.

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