I Didn't Know you Could Use Your Hands in Soccer

Apparently, according to that Norwegian fuck Tom Overbo, when a player takes a shot on goal during a soccer match, or when the ball is in the air, a defender is allowed to use his hands to maintain control of the ball. This is contrary to the popular myth that touching the ball with your hand while in the penalty box results in the taking of a penalty shot. Thankfully, Overbo put this myth to rest not once, but twice in the UEFA cup semifinal between Barcelona and Chelsea.
The game resulted in a 1-1 tie, and thankfully because of UEFAs bullshit rule that actually DOES exist, Barcelona will be going to the final round. The bullshit rule you ask? In the event of a tie in aggregate scoring, the result goes to the team with more away goals. This rule exists because everyone knows that playing soccer on a field that isn't in your own city is substantially different, and scoring is astronomically more difficult.
In conclusion, fuck the away goals rule, fuck Tom Overbo, and most importantly FUCK BARCELONA. Manchester United is going to make each and everyone of you wish you were dead. And Tom Overbo, you better watch your back. Drogba is coming for your bald head.

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