My thoughts on Selfishness

The biggest example of selfishness i can think of is michael phelps. After the 2008 or whaterver olympics all i can think of is the fact that some time after, michael was at a party taking a huge 420 bong hit of gooood marijuana. 
I am so mad at the selfishness by this man that i was inspired to write this BLOG about why i hate him and why everyone else in America should do the same.
Michael Phelps is a prime example of what exactly is wrong with America these days.  What is wrong with America is the fact that Americans are breaking laws by ingesting Marijuana, instead of doing things like smoking tobacco, and drinking alcohol, which can kill them, but are legal.
but in all seriousness, if we can idolize someone who's gotten a DUI (michael Phelps) why can't we idolize someone who (allegedly) was photographed taking a hit of cannabis after winning numerous gold medals, what kind of civilization are we?
Exactly. Shut the fuck the up.

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