My Religion: Cynicism

There is no better feeling than automatically hating everything you encounter in life, without even giving it a fair chance of judgment. The philosophy of cynicism is something that I have lived by since the time I have been able to formulate thoughts. It is the belief that nothing in the world is good, and everything is evil, repugnant, and in most cases, not worth your fucking time at all.

Here's why it is such a good way to live. When you assume the worst about everything, you are either correct, or delightfully surprised when you are proved wrong. For example, if I assume that a movie is going to be terrible, there are two possible out comes.

1. The movie is horrible, stars two fat chicks, and I am thus proved right, causing no emotional change whatsoever.

2. The movie far surpasses my expectations, has .34 explosions per minute, and I like it a l0t, which is awesome because I thought it was going to be a steaming pile of shit.

If you still somehow do not see the benefit of living this way, I will break it down for you. When you assume everything is going to be terrible, you are either proved right, and there is NO EMOTIONAL CHANGE or things go well and you are extremely happy because things have gone much better than what you expected.

I'm not negative, I'm just realistic. Throughout human history, far more bad things have happened than good things, so why should I automatically assume things are going to go well? from a purely statistical standpoint, the safe bet is to assume that shits going to get fucked up.

Cynicism is fucking stupid...

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