Sports Commentators Aren't Biased Towards the Lakers at All

Before I begin, let me say that today's win was great for me because I've been a Blazers fan for years and have been following them all season. Even the pre-draft workouts.

In the viscous, semen filled minds of all major national sports commentators the Blazers have never beaten the Lakers as a result of their own skill, comparable to five Jesus Christs playing basketball at the same time. This is because the Lakers are the best team in the NBA, Kobe Bryant is like ten Jesus Christs rolled into one... Super Jesus, and a low seeded playoff team like Portland could never conceivably defeat them. Ever.

Today, the Blazers beat the Lakers 91-88, through no fault of their own of course. The final dagger in the chest of the Lakers (wish that wasn't metaphorical) was when Kobe Bryant and Derek Fisher missed three consecutive free throws. But according to an FSN sportscaster, the Blazers won because of "questionable decisions on the part of the Lakers"
Bryant; making an important decision

Yeah, Kobe Bryant merely decided to miss his free throws just to keep things interesting. Every time the Blazers beat the Lakers it seems like it is largely ignored and excuses are made as to why it happened, and never have I heard, "wow, the Blazers are so good, they beat the Lakers at their home court without Brandon Roy for a half". But no, all I hear is that "Kobe Bryant decided not to make a few free throws, just to be ironic". Hey sportscasters; Fuck ya'll, all ya'll.

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