Jesse Jackson, Go Weave a Basket Under Water

Every time a Portland police officer "justifiably" shoots an unarmed man, you can count on Jesse Jackson getting on his private jet and coming here and being all like, "this is egregious, preposterous, philandrous, and unjust."

We know Portland cops are as trigger happy as Rambo on an acid trip, and we don't need you coming here using all your words that end in "ous" to articulate that to us. We'd riot in the streets just as rampantly without you. The first thing I saw on the local news when I moved here about five years ago, was a story about police officers pulling over a man "who's nice vehicle was suspicious in that neighborhood, and by "nice vehicle" we of course mean "dark skin", shooting him dead, realizing he didn't have a gun, and then saying, "no but he had cocaine on him, so it somehow doesn't matter anymore that we killed an unarmed man". In fact, as of march of 2004 there were three shootings of unarmed African Americans in twenty five months, so we don't need Jesse Jackson coming here to tell us that Portland cops like to kill black people, its already pretty obvious.

Now I'm not saying that all Portland Police Officers like to kill black people, I'm saying that they fucking love to kill black people. They thrive on it. Every Portland police officer starts his day off by taking a piss, drinking a cup of coffee, and hoping to god that today will be the day that a black person will just... give them a reason. Not only are the cops on board with this, their superior officers are ok with it as well, allowing the officers to continue working. Let's take a look at the most recent shooting of Aaron Campbell.
  • Campbell's girlfriend called police worried about him being suicidal.

  • Police show up, and 90 minutes later Campbell comes out of house, turns around and interlocks fingers behind his head.

  • Not satisfied with the his actions so far, multiple bean bag rounds are fired at Campbell's back.

  • Campbell, reflexively reaches to an area on his back where he was hit.

  • Officer perceives this as a reach for a weapon, and shoots him in the back with one round form his AR 15.

  • Paramedics arrive 23 minutes later and find him lying on the ground dead.

In a nut shell, this man was shot multiple times in the back with bean bag rounds, which are far less delightful as they sound, followed promptly by a single round from an assault rifle, and dying before paramedics arrive. You know, because paramedics never show up to suicide calls. Now for a video that I feel adequately symbolizes the situation with the P.P.D.


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  2. Wow, this is just craziness. When I first started reading, I thought it was just going to be about Jesse Jackson sticking his head where it doesn't belong and running his mouth (originally from Chicago, pretty sick of JJ). But what you posted here is just plain sad. I don't even really know what else to say about it.