Radical Islam = Sensitive Little Girls

The other day, Comedy Central showed their true colors, a pinkish yellow, by bending to the will of muslim extremists who were crying about South Park making fun of Muhammad. As a matter of fact, they weren't even making fun of him directly, but rather eloquently crafting an irreverent satire on how a small portion of Muslims can't solve their problems with anything but violence.

By "problems" I of course mean "cartoons". Let's take a look at the events that led to this brilliant two part episode in the first place. In 2005, a Danish newspaper published a cartoon depicting the prophet Muhammad in a brave attempt to show that they won't be intimidated by threats of violence. What did the radical muslims do in response to these drawings? They killed over 100 people.

Apparently the thousands they had already killed four years ago weren't enough. They had to make damn sure that people were going to start respecting Islam. In a way, it kind of worked. The head executives of South Park refused to let them display any image of Muhammad and even censored any audio footage when his name was mentioned. All this because of a few idle threats made by wannabe terrorists who had probably never even fired an RPG before.

The idea of a prophet in any religion is already absurd enough. A prophet is essentially a man, who with the help of many others, convinces a great deal of people that God is talking to him. The only proof of this anyone has, is the Prophet's word ("no like dude, seriously! God totally said to cut of the weird part of the penis!"-Abraham. or -Moses. WHATEVER). Thousands of years later billions of people still have faith in these men, and over the course of history millions have been slain in their name. Of all the religious prophets, South Park has been kindest to Muhammad. In one episode they had a whole minute long sequence of Kyle slitting Jesus Christ's throat.

How many people did the Christians kill after this episode? None, and if you think I'm implying that Christianity is a better religion than Islam, that's your fault for being presumptuous. Every single religion has their strange, often illogical components to them; from the Jew's celebration of penial skin removal to the talking snakes and burning bushes (crabs joke) of Christianity, all the way to the openly fictional tales of Scientology, there is no shortage of things to make fun of, and most of us can take the joke or simply ignore it without killing one hundred people. Just in case you are still sympathizing with muslims who simply do not feel Muhammad's image should be shown, remember this. The muslims who made the death threats have a website that praises Osama Bin Laden and live in New York City. You know, the place where 9/11 happened?

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