Why You Care About the AZ Immigration Bill

None of you give a fuck about the well being and treatment of Mexican immigrants, your're just taking the side of whatever political party you think is cool at the moment. All you Toby Keith/NASCAR/cousin-banging fans think Mexicans should be deported after 10 hours of warterboarding, and you affirmative action liberals think that not only should they be allowed to stay, but that if a company decides not to hire them its racist and has nothing to do with their lack of English speaking abilities.

Here's the truth about the AZ immigration bill; whether or not it is passed, nothing will change. Police officers have been harassing minorities ever since the dawn of civilization. The funny thing about this bill is how objectively clear it is that it isn't racist. The only reason any of you think it is, is because you watch the news. Here's a pro tip about the media; they have to compete with programing such as Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant, so in order to get your attention they try to get you emotionally involved in things that don't directly effect you.

Quite frankly, you most likely shouldn't even care about the AZ bill. I don't, but I'm writing this because it annoys me that all of you do. Here is a list of attributes you must have in order to be effected by this bill:
  • You must be an illegal immigrant.
  • You must live in Arizona.
  • You must be a criminal.
Oh, what was that last thing, you ask? Contrary to what you've heard in the news, which was probably "The new Arizona Immigration bill makes it legal for police officers to use tazers on Mexicans without warning" the bill states that a police officer may only check your immigration status if they catch you committing a crime. This is strange, because usually police officers do extensive background checks on people they arrest, so I really don't even know what this bill is supposed to even do. If it was intended to cause a nation wide race controversy out of nothing, than it did it

In a way, if you think that this bill is racist because it targets Mexicans, that actually makes you a racist for saying that all Mexicans are criminals. As for you all on the other side of the political fence, you'd probably respond to this by saying, "your point?"

The only reason you should care at all about this is because a federal judge is trying interfere, which raises the age-old question of whether or not Federal Law trumps State Law. It doesn't, ever. If you disagree with me on that, you are wrong.

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