The Hilarious New Drinking "Game"

Ever since Jesus Christ made the world's first alcoholic beverage out of plain water, humans have been making their alcoholism more entertaining by creating an endless list of drinking games. We need games like this, because lets face it; drinking by itself is often times boring and mundane and needs to be livened up with all sorts of rules, point systems, and humiliating penalties. My personal favorite drinking games are Beer Pong and LeGone James, where you watch Sports Center and drink every time they say the words "LeBron James". (You blackout within 30 seconds)

All these different games have generally been fun, with games like King's Cup staying around for generations, and lesser games like LeGone James being discontinued due to so many alcohol poisoning related deaths. Yet for some reason, the hip new drinking game "Bros Icing Bros" continues to gain popularity. The rules of the game are as simple as they are retarded:
  • A person gives you a Smirnoff Ice
  • You have to drink it.
  • Bonus points for how many times people say BRO! (points don't mean anything though)
As you can see, this isn't technically even a game. Its just one guy saying, "Here, you have to drink this because its funny watching my friends chug a drink that tastes like flat Sprite mixed with Olde English/semen" There are no winners in this game, only losers. The person being iced is a loser for obvious reasons, and the person who does the icing is a loser because they went into a store and actually purchased the rancid beverage.

The game was made popular by the now defunct website BrosIcingBros.com, which was basically video after video of a guy on one knee drinking Ice while three of his buddies stand around laughing and saying "BRO YOU GOT ICED! HAHAHA" for like five fucking minutes. In a move that can only be described as Kardashian-stupid, the Smirnoff company ordered them to shut the website down. Not only were they turning down free publicity and advertising, they were also attempting to thwart the only reason any man would have to buy Ice. The only time I ever remember seeing a man with Smirnoff Ice are the sexual predators on Dateline NBC. I guess Smirnoff will just have to stick to what they've got with their commercials about sprinkler slip n slides and painting abandoned gas stations.

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