What did you want again? When did you want it?

Activists are like 4 year old children who throw themselves on the floor of Toy's R Us, kick and scream because their parents won't buy them the toy they want, scream until their voices are hoarse, and in the end, don't end up getting a damned thing. But some of these children never grow up and decide to be bleeding-heart activists for some pipe dream cause. I really don't understand what these people are thinking.

"hey, maybe if a big group of us get together in front of the White House, make a bunch of clever signs that say things like "Fucking for Peace is like Bombing for Virginity" and "Have sex with each other, not war", Bush will have no choice but to withdraw all his forces from the Middle East!"

WRONG. Bush clearly didn't give two halves a fuck what you guys thought. If you hadn't noticed, they're still there, and you don't seem to have a problem with it anymore. Far left liberals aren't the only ones guilty of this. The whole Tea Party movement, who's members are affectionately referred to as 'Tea baggers' (a reference to testicular oral sex) by the unbiased press at MSNBC, seem to think that by throwing boxes of Earl Gray into rivers they will some how convince Obama to stop giving our tax dollars to companies who are 'too big to fail'. And by 'too big to fail' I mean 'contributed money to the Democrats'. Hannity and friends over at Fox news love these guys, but the people at MSNBC keep making scrotal humor about them and continue to act like they don't know they're making an immature yet recognizably hilarious joke. Its almost like their's bias in the media.

When it comes down to it, I'm really a bipartisan hater of any type of activism, probably because I don't really give a damn about anything. I'm only going to be on this Earth for maybe 80 years max, and I don't plan on spending it being outraged about something that is completely out of my hands. I also really don't feel like we really have anything to complain about. Who care's if humans are maybe 5% responsible for global warming, there are children in Africa tonight who are going to have their entire families murdered by their own government, and you're too concerned about polar bears to even wonder why that's happening. Yeah, I bet you feel like a real piece of shit now.

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  1. I don;t mind activists except when the protests make me have to work late - in London the tubes sometimes close with big protests and that winds me up. Shallow? Me?