Homeopathic Medicine; Debunked with Extreme Prejudice

Homeopathy is the pseudo medicinal practice of taking a traditional medication, and literally watering it down until so few molecules of the original solution are left in the new "homeopathic remedy" that it would literally be proportional to a single grain of salt in the entire ocean. In most cases, no original molecules are even present at all. The belief is that some how, the water remembers the original substance and takes on its healing properties of the original medication, without the side effects like minor headache, upset stomach, and curing the particular ailment. If reading the previous sentences was some how not enough to convince you that homeopathy is about as real as Paris Hilton's personality, then please, continue reading.

Homeopathy might seem plausible to a free spirited, open minded (gullible) person at first, unless you take into account one fundamental fact: the water on this earth has been around for hundreds of thousands of years, and technically, its base elements have been around since the creation of the universe. Water has there for already been into contact with millions of substances.

If water truly did take on the characteristics of chemicals it had been into contact with, you would be drinking just about every substance known to man. From the fecal matter, urine, and used condoms in our sewage systems, to the water used to cool nuclear fuel rods in power plants. Homeopaths; how does it feel to know that you are drinking nuclear-semen-poop-tampons? Exactly. Shutup.

If you believe in homeopathy, and happen to also be a germaphobe, this piece of information might drive you to suicide. Please note; suicidal germaphobes should not read the previous paragraph.

Newer homeopathic practitioners are taking it to a new level of trickery; doing things like writing down a cure and putting it in a patients coat pocket, claiming that their mental will alone somehow fixes their illness. Even old school homeopaths call bull shit on this, probably because its taking their business. If thinking about something was enough to make it happen, I would have three aston martins, a house with an olympic sized pool and trampoline, and a polygamous marriage to Jessica Alba, Chelsea Handler, and the black chick from the movie Precious, just to be ironic. Have a nice day.

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  1. why don't you post about something important. like 20 plus states sending in a letter for sovereignty to the federal government.