Commercials on T.V.- the bane of my existence

I know this pretty much goes without saying, but T.V. commercials make me want to stab myself in the eyes with a hot knife and light my ears on fire with gasoline. They used to appear at a pretty tolerable rate, but these days for every five minutes of program you watch you can expect to be bombarded by at least eight minutes of relentless, shallow advertising. And every commercial seems to follow the same underlying theme: "if you don't buy our shit, people who do have it will be better than you".
I have a deep burning resentment for the current state of America and for all the backstabbing politicians who made it that way. My hostility is further strengthened when i hear patronizing commercials saying the e-word. "in these economic times most of us can't afford even basic things like 2 week vacations in Italy and 2,000 dollar a night hookers, so you should switch to All State". Thanks All State, for reminding us all that our country's economy is in worse shape than Rosie O'Donnell
The boner pill commercials at least attempt to bring some sense of humor to the world of television with their second grade level erection innuendo. "Check out smiling Bob! He's dressed as a 'chubby' Santa! He's got a 'sack' full of pride! He takes Enyzte so he can get a 'boner". Classic

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